Perform Nikkah(Muslim Marriage) of the couple in complete compliance with the Sharia law and Sunnah of the Prophet(P.B.U.H), and in complete confidence.



Burial Services
It is an obligatory act for at least 1 member of the community to perform this duty (referred to as Fard-e-kifaya - an obligation which if performed by 1 member of the community, then the entire community absolved from the responsibility, and if not then the entire community is sinful & accountable for this omission.

Marriage Counselling
A marriage counselor advises couples with emotional or other personal difficulties. Counselors help them work out their problems by encouraging them to discuss and think about their problems. They also to try to find solutions that will help the couples deal with their problems.


Family Councelling

Family Counseling
1. Our area of focus is spousal relations, adolescence development and parent-adolescent relations.
2. We provide written answers to family related questions. One could email us questions through our website. The website contains answers to all previously asked questions, a moderated discussion forum and other educational material. We request to thoroughly look for answers to your questions on the website prior to sending question(s) to us.
3. We provide all services free of charge regardless of race, gender or nationality.

Masjid AT-Taqwa has been chosen one of the zone for medical intern research for Grady Heath System.