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Buying Cemetery Lots Earns Insha-Allah Incredible Sadaqatul Jariah

By buying cemetery lots, you are helping pay for the 135 Acres. These 135 Acres are approved to have Cemetery, Burial Preparation Facility, Masjid, Schools and University with their own athletic fields and sports area, Public Park, and lot more. All the good Insha-Allah that will emanate from this place, for generations to come, with our Rabb’s Mercy will be your Sadaqatul Jariah.

Expedites Burial, a Key Sunnah

The deceased body is taken by Muslim workers of Body Preparation Facility with respect and honor straight to the facility, right next to Masjid and Burial Grounds. Tremendous amount of time is saved by not having to drive the body from funeral home to Masjid and then from Masjid to Burial Grounds.

Preserves Modesty (Awra) of The Deceased

One of the important requirements of our Deen is the awra which for the male is covering from navel to knee at all times in front of the same sex. Though the funeral homes keep the body covered in front of us due to our faith, there is no guarantee they do the same in our absence. This Muslim facility not only ensures awra but can also prevent a person of opposite sex from seeing or touching the deceased.

Protects The Body From Potential Physical Abuse

Since we maintain modesty by not seeing from navel to knee, there is no certainty in the funeral homes, the part of the body behind the cloth covering is not abused, mutilated or cut open to take organs.

Lowers Total Burial Cost
Since funeral home, Masjid and Burial Grounds are located at the same place, there will be no need to hire police escorts and body carrying vehicle with workers. This should result in a saving of at least $1,000 per burial.

Positive, Clean Islamic Environment For Funeral Attendees
Clean lively Masjid next door imparts comforting, conducive Islamic worship spiritual environment for the community members partaking in the funeral.

Contiguous Cemetery Lots Reserved For Family For Generations to Use
Buying contiguous cemetery lots is an option for the use of an extended family for years to come. Living family members and future generations will not have to search for the buried deceased family members as they all could potentially be buried next to each other.

More Duas For Parted Souls Buried
The attaqwa community will Insh-Allah be formed on this 135 acre land with the future development of residences, schools & other public facilities. On seeing the graves, the hearts of this community will often be inclined to make supplications for those buried.

Donate for this great cause towards Allah
Our beloved Prophet Mohammed صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “When a man dies,
nothing lives on after him, except for three things: sadaqah jariyah (continuing charity), knowledge which can benefit others, or virtuous offspring who will pray for him.”

Amount and Mode of Payment
The Amount to be paid is $600/Lot. Cash and Checks are accepted.


*Please call us for the Payment information using Check and Credit Card.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I move from Georgia and I do not need the cemetery lot?
The investment you make is liquid or Cashable. You can return the title to the Burial Administration and get your money back. You can also use the lot for any of your family, friend or donate it to a needy person.
Is it alright in our Deen to buy cemetery lot in advance?
By Allah’s Mercy it is allowed. But only Allah decides where we are destined to be buried. Our answer is in the example of our mother Aisha Radhia Allahu Taala Anha. She had her grave reserved next to the graves of Prophet Mohammed صلى الله عليه وسلم and her father Abu
Bakr Siddiq Radhi Allahu Taala Anhu. When Umar ibn Al-Khattab Radhia Allahu Taala Anhu, requested that spot for him after he was fatally injured, she gave permission relinquishing the burial space she had reserved for herself.
Where is it Located?
Off I-20 exit #84 Salem Road (Hwy – 162) situated in Covington, Newton County, at the border of Rockdale County.


If you have more questions Please fill out the form with your questions and we will answer all of your questions shortly.

2nd project plan

You can take a look here At Google Map.